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Intake & Release Center

Central Booking...

provides inmate processing for all Law Enforcement agencies operating within Sumter County. Inmates are searched, photographed, fingerprinted, entered into and released from the Inmate Management System. Central Booking conducts various computerized checks for each arrest and release. The Detention Center has 521 beds and receives approximately 3,000 inmates at booking each year.

The Property / Cashier Unit...

is the location where all inmate funds are inventoried, verified and deposited into the inmate's account for safe keeping. This unit is responsible for the inventory and storage of all inmate property.

The Medical Unit...

is comprised of Doctors, RN's and LPN's with some of the workforce being staffed by Armor Correctional Service staff. They provide medical, dental, and mental health services to inmates incarcerated in the Detention Center pursuant to requirements of the Florida Corrections Accreditation Commissions, and Florida Model Jail Standards. Inmates' health concerns are addressed daily and followed by appropriate triage and treatment by qualified health professionals.

The Inmate Processing Unit...

is responsible for the initial classification and housing of all new inmates entering the facility. Criminal histories and current charges for incarceration are obtained. An initial interview is conducted and information is gathered concerning residency, employment, probation status and safety concerns of both inmate and staff. Classification personnel determine the inmates' eligibility for trustee status, lock down needs and risk factors. Classification personnel also reclassify inmates when changes occur with new or dropped charges, court sentences, behavior, protection needs or the entering of the trustee program.

This unit also processes the court paperwork on all inmates in custody. A Classification Deputy ensures that all county sentences are calculated and recorded in the JMS computer. All trustee gain time earned is then compiled and entered into JMS by the deputy. This gain time is subtracted weekly and the trustee time to serve is adjusted.

The Records Clerk...

ensures that every inmate detained in Sumter County has some document indicating the reasons and legal authorization for incarceration and that all records are kept secure.

The Transportation Deputies...

are responsible for the transport of all inmates detained in the Detention Center. They transport inmates to their court appearances, medical appointments, and from facility to facility. Long distance transports are usually contracted out to a prisoner transport company.

Food Service...

prepares meals for incarcerated inmates. Special meals are provided when directed by the medical staff. Trinity Food Service is capable of preparing more meals than the detention center requires and this gives the county government another option of providing meals during emergencies.