What is the Communications Center?

Dispatch console

The Communications Center is the Public Safety Answering Point  (PSAP) for all 911 calls initiated within Sumter County. The Communications Center receives and processes calls for all Sumter County Law Enforcement and directs fire/EMS calls to the appropriate public safety agencies. The Communications Center is a partnership among various governmental entities and public safety organizations, and provides communications services for the following agencies:

  • Sumter County Sheriff's Office
  • Wildwood Police Department
  • City of Center Hill Police Department

When to call 911

911 is for law enforcement, fire or medical emergencies that entail the occurence of or high likelihood of death, injury or serious property damage, when an IMMEDIATE response is required.

If you are unsure of how serious a situation is, call 911. There is no fee or cost for placing a call to 911, so do not hesitate to use it for emergencies.

The Sumter County Communications Center is text to 911 capable.

When to call the Non-Emergency number

If you do not need an IMMEDIATE response from law enforcement, fire or medical first responders, please call the non-emergency number at (352) 793-2621. If you live in The Villages, the toll-free non-emergency number is (352) 728-6909.

Using the non-emergency number helps keep the 911 lines clear and available for citizens reporting emergencies.

Smart911 is a free, new service available in your community to help you when you call 9-1-1. Once you've signed up, first responders will be aware of important information you have provided that will help them address your emergency. This information including medical issues, current location, and even pets can help Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS locate and help you.