Phone Privileges Mail

When someone has been arrested he / she has the right to make reasonable contact with whomever they choose. Collect phone calls are permitted for all persons who have been arrested. If this call is to a bonding agent registered with the Sumter County Sheriff's Office, this call will be free. The first call is permitted immediately following the intake process. Depending on circumstances, this could potentially take some time. Please be patient. After that time, phone privileges in the housing areas are permitted from 7AM-11PM excluding inmate count times or emergencies.

Can the inmate call a friend / family member who is housed in the detention center?

How does an arrested person make a phone call to a phone if there is a block on it to prevent collect calls?

If I want my phone to be blocked to deny phone calls from the detention center, what do I do?

What mail can be received by an inmate?