Inmate Services


The money the inmate has on them at the time of their arrest will be deposited into an account for the inmate, less a $20.00 subsistence fee. The inmate may then withdraw from the account to purchase items from commissary and have elective medical / dental treatment. Friends or family have two options available to them for depositing money into the inmate's account. Money can be deposited in the kiosk in the public lobby of the intake/release facility (available 24/7) or the kiosk at the visitation center (visitation hours only). The kiosks will accept cash, debit and credit card transactions. Please be advised that these kiosks are for deposits only  and will not dispense cash. You may also deposit money online by going to the Commissary Deposit Website.

The kiosk in the public information lobby can be used to place cash bonds.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $20.00 subsistence fee that will be assessed at the time of the inmate being booked into the detention center.

Upon release, money may be owed to the Sumter County Detention Center for any unpaid medical visits and subsistence fees.

Those fees must be paid to: Advent Financial Systems, Attn: Sumter County Detention Center, PO BOX 6333, Elizabethtown, KY 42702-6333.

Please do not send these payments to the Sumter County Detention Center.


In order to receive phone calls from the jail, you must first establish an account with our Inmate Phone Company. You may set up a collect call account or a prepaid account. They can be reached at (800) 844-6591. Inmates can also make calls by purchasing phone time at the kiosk in the Rec Yard.


Inmates can purchase Commissary items from the jail (such as personal items, snacks, coffee, etc). The day the inmate receives their commissary order depends on their housing location. If the inmate has no funds in their account, they will be placed on the indigent list. To meet the indigent criteria, they must be incarcerated for seven consecutive days with less than $2.00 in their account and had not received commissary the previous week.


Programs are provided on a weekly basis for all inmates. These programs include, but are not limited to: religious services, Alcoholics Anonymous, GED programs and mental health services. The inmate's security, classification level and any behavioral problems may be reason to be excluded from any of these services.