Visitation Rules

  • Visitors must register and provide proper identification, which includes a recent government issued photograph ID, to the Visitation Personnel.
  • Visitors shall not bring personal items other than identification into the Visitation Center. No personal property including cell phones will be taken into the secure area of the Visitation Center.
  • The Detention Center WILL NOT accept responsibility for any property belonging to a visitor. The visitor may secure the property in his or her vehicle.
  • Visitors suspected of being or who are under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or drug will not be allowed to visit, and could be subject to arrest.
  • Visitors must be properly dressed before they will be allowed to visit. Common decency standards will apply.
  1. All clothing must be of a conservative nature. The chest and stomach areas must remain covered at all times.
  2. No halter tops, Tube tops or Strapless shirts or dresses.
  3. Tank tops must have a shoulder strap width of at least 2.
  4. Shorts and Dresses must be a dollar bill width above the knee.
  5. No sandals or Flip Flops. Must be a closed toe shoe.
  • Any secondary visits are at the discretion of the visitation personnel.

The Visitation Personnel may deny or terminate a visit if a rule violation or misconduct warrants such action.

Violators of visitation rules are subject to permanent loss of visitation privileges.