Media Relations

Media Relations

The Media Relations Liaison is responsible for the dissemination of general and newsworthy interest to the news media, public officials and the general public. The Media Relations Divisions strives to responsive and professional in its activities, while acting in the best interest of the agency, Sumter County citizens and in compliance with Florida Public Records Laws.

Routine media inquiries and records requests are handled as expeditiously as possible during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 8 am-5 PM, excluding holidays).  After hours and on weekends and holidays, the media relations liaison is on call for emergencies and significant breaking news events.

After hours, the media relations liaison does not typically have information readily available regarding routine arrests, non-fatal vehicle crashes, or the status of cases that are not considered breaking news.
Written records, including arrest affidavits and offense reports, are not generally available after hours,  or on weekends or holidays.

The Media Relations Division is also responsible for the maintenance of the Sheriff's Office social media, the Sheriff's Office App, and the web site. Further, the media relations liaison attends Sheriff's Office events, takes photographs and videos.

During normal business hours you can reach our Media Relations Liaison, Michelle Keszey at 352-569-1669 or via cell phone 352-254-0446.

You can email media requests to

Press Releases
The Sumter County Sheriff's Office disseminates press releases via email, our social media channels,  our Sheriff's App and on our web site.

Press Releases

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Social Media Posting Policy

The Sumter County Sheriff's Office manages this our pages as a limited public forum and therefore the following conditions apply.
• A posting on this page constitutes acceptance of these terms.
• In case of emergency, or if you need police assistance, dial 9-1-1.
• Do NOT use this page to report a crime. To report a non-emergency or to speak to a deputy contact 352-793-2621 or to submit a crime tip to Crimeline dial 1-800-423-TIPS (8477).
• If you post information related to a crime on this page, you may be placing yourself in the position of becoming a witness to a crime and subject yourself to subpoena and in certain situations endangering yourself or others.
• "Friending" between the Sumter County Sheriff's Office officers and a citizen does not indicate endorsement of that person's actions or comments.
• Comments posted by others on the Sumter County Sheriff's Office Facebook page(s) are not to be considered the opinion of the Sumter County Sheriff's Office; nor does the Sumter County Sheriff's Office endorse any third-party comments on this page.
• The Sumter County Sheriff's Office reserves the right to remove and/or block anyone who posts inappropriate materials as determined by the Sumter County Sheriff's Office.
• The Sumter County Sheriff's Office does not allow posting of photos or videos by anyone other than members of the Sumter County Sheriff's Office Media Relations Department.
• If you have photos or videos you'd like to share on this page, contact Michelle Keszey, Media Relations at 352-569-1669.
• If you are looking for more information about the Sumter County Sheriff's Office please visit

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