Patrol Deputy

Description :

JOB TITLE:                           PATROL DEPUTY
DIVISION:                            UNIFORM PATROL
SUPERVISES:                       NONE
PAY RATE:                              $17.94

BRIEF DESCRIPTION:       Performs a wide range of general law enforcement duties in the prevention, detection, and investigation of criminal acts; apprehends and arrests law violators; safeguards lives and property; and related work as required.


A.        Abide by the "Law Enforcement Code of Ethics".
B.        Pursue and effect the immediate apprehension and arrest of persons suspected of committing criminal violations directed to his or her attention by any means.
C.        Investigate all complaints which are assigned to him or her or are brought to his or her attention by any means, and take police action in those cases which come under the jurisdiction of the Sheriff's Office.
D.        Complete and submit all reports prior to completing a work shift.
E.         Be available for service at all times while on duty by checking away from the patrol vehicle, either by radio or telephone.
F.         Respond to situations involving in-progress or recent criminal activity, restore or maintain order and gather information and evidence accordingly. G.        Patrol assigned area, giving particular attention to and rechecking locations where crime hazard is great.
H.        Advise merchants and the general public regarding suitable crime prevention and security measures.
I.          Constantly be on the alert to cultivate sources of information that will aid in the solution of crime, the apprehension of offenders, the suppression of vice and organized crime and establish informants.
J.         Use best efforts to prevent the commission of crimes, suppress all forms of commercialized vice and detain and apprehend criminals.  Under no circumstances make public any information that may jeopardize the successful completion of an investigation or the apprehension of a perpetrator.
K.        Take into official custody property that has been lost, stolen or abandoned in accordance with Agency procedures. 
L.         Conduct in-depth investigations of criminal incidents, either independently or as part of a coordinated effort. 
M.       Testify in court or depositions as necessary. 
N.        Provide referral and follow-up services to revolve domestic and civil crises. 
O.        Observe, report, and whenever feasible, follow up on conditions which pose potential threats to public safety and health, to include fires. 
P.         Provide citizens with requested information whenever possible. 
Q.        Provide rescue and first aid services in accidents, disasters and other emergency situations, consistent with training and abilities. 
R.        Maintain an alert and business-like manner, and a military bearing upon the street or in a vehicle. 
S.         Maintain cleanliness and operational readiness of all assigned equipment. 
T.         Serve civil or criminal process as directed. 
U.        Become thoroughly familiar with the boundaries of Sumter County in relation to neighboring counties, and become familiar with the proper names and locations of streets, avenues, terraces, roads, drives, places, courts, main thoroughfares, alleys, public buildings, hospitals, and so forth. 
V.        Be familiar with the Florida State Criminal Statutes and keep up to date with criminal law changes; also, be familiar with applicable Federal law and have a working knowledge of laws pertaining to other concurrent jurisdictions. 
W.       Be alert for conditions or situations which inhibit efficient operation of the Agency or the Uniform Patrol Division, and make recommendations for solutions. 
X.        Any additional duties that may be required by the Sheriff or through necessity of situations.


 High School diploma or GED.

 Successfully complete Basic Police Recruit School in the State of Florida or receive a certificate of comparative compliance from the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.

 Possession of a valid Florida Driver's License, with a good driving record.

 Be able to effectively communicate information both orally and in writing.

 Ability to analyze situations quickly and objectively, and determine a proper course of action.

 Ability to react quickly and calmly under emergency situations.

 Ability to cope with situations firmly, courteously and tactfully, with respect to rights of others.

 Ability to develop skill in use and care of firearms.

 Be in good physical and mental condition.


 Maintain certification as a sworn officer as defined by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.

 Successfully complete and maintain proficiency in annual firearms and driver's training as required by Agency policy.

 Successfully complete and maintain FCIC/NCIC operator certification.


 Various indoor and outdoor environments.  Subject to exposure to weather conditions.  Shift work required, including holidays and weekends, and may be rotated.  May occasionally be called on to work long hours.  Considerable driving, sometimes under emergency conditions.  Hazards include all dangers associated with law enforcement, including possible severe physical injury or death.  Both physical and mental stress present.  Subject to physical and mental abuse from numerous sources.












Contact : For questions pertaining to employment with the Sumter County Sheriff's Office, please contact our Human Resource Division at 352-569-1600 or email them at

Deadline for Applying : Open until filled