Community Traffic Investigator (CTI)

Description :
The Sumter County Sheriff's Office provides a response to all calls for service. However, some calls do not require a sworn officer and may be effectively handled by a non-sworn member. The Community Traffic Investigator was implemented to improve efficiency and enhance service delivery. The starting pay for this position is $14.42/hr

1. Document and handle abandoned vehicles.
2. Conduct traffic control or direction including highway obstruction or overloading.
3. Assist disabled motorists as appropriate.
4. Complete VIN verifications.
5. Issue parking citations as appropriate.
6. Transport materials or information as necessary.
7. Respond to crashes not involving serious injury, except to assist on scene deputies with traffic control and etc. Assist parties involved in completing crash reports and information exchange.
8. May be assigned other appropriate tasks as needed.

Be able to successfully pass the background investigation.
Be able to successfully pass drug test.
Be able to successfully pass a physical exam.
Be able to effectively communicate information in English, both orally and written.
Be interested in working with people, and have ability to effectively communicate with people.

Must be able to complete all necessary reports, forms and logs.
Must be able to use computers.
Must be able to utilize a two-way radio.
Must be able to testify competently in traffic court hearings.
Successfully complete the Traffic Investigators Field Training course.
Successfully complete the following course, but not limited to:
1. Traffic crash report writing
2. Parking Enforcement Specialist Training as required by F.S. Section 316.640
3. Human diversity
4. Blood borne pathogens
5. Introduction to COPS Offense/incident report writing
6. FDLE FCIC certification
7. CPR/First Responder
8. FDLE Traffic Control Officer training course
9. FDLE Selective Traffic Enforcement Program
10. Vehicle towing and trailering
11. Notary certification will be required for VIN verifications.
12. PTSD Educational Training

Maintain a valid Florida driver's license.

Generally outdoor environment in all types of weather. Perform traffic control direction duties.

Contact : To apply for this position or for any questions please contact our Human Resources Division at 352-569-1687 or email them at

Deadline for Applying : Open until filled