COVID-19 Vaccination Event Information

COVID 19 Vaccination Event Information-Update

In an effort to keep you informed, below is a media release that GMR sent out this morning regarding the drive-thru vaccination site.
“Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Monday that the Global Medical Response (GMR) vaccination site in Sumter County will reopen on Thursday, February 4. GMR will have approximately 7,000 first-dose vaccinations that will allow the drive-thru site to resume operations.

GMR is pleased to announce that a corresponding number of residents who previously signed up for their first-dose vaccination will begin receiving updated appointments this week. Residents who received their first dose of vaccine from GMR and are scheduled to receive their second dose will retain their original appointment. The vaccination site location is 3800 Wedgewood Lane in The Villages.

GMR initially set up the Sumter County vaccination site in January but had to postpone appointments when the vaccine supply paused due to the shortage. GMR has been told by the State of Florida that it will receive 4,000 doses each week moving forward as part of the allocation process.
To schedule a vaccination appointment, please visit

As a reminder, this is not a Sumter County Sheriff's Office event, and we have no additional information outside of what we have shared.