Child Safety Kit


Tthe Sumter County Sheriff's Office added a new program to its inventory of non-traditional law enforcement programs. A delivery of 500 Child Safety Kits arrived to assist Law Enforcement Officers and its K9 Unit in locating missing children. The kits, manufactured by Scent Evidence K9 of Tallahassee, were delivered to Sheriff Farmer, Captain Breeden and Lt. Siemer at our administrative offices, making the Sumter County Sheriff's Office the first agency to utilize them. The Child Safety Kit differs from the Human Scent Preservation Kit. The Child Safety Kit includes fingerprinting, dental records, and scent preservation, photograph placement, along with other pertinent medical and physical information.

The scent kit can be used to preserve the pure unique scent of an individual for more than seven years and can be subsequently opened to assist scent-discriminating bloodhounds in tracking a child who is missing. The scent kit coupled with fingerprints, medical and dental information allows deputies to have access to a wealth of information to help them locate the missing child

These kits will be available free of charge to citizens of Sumter County and can be obtained from either the Villages Annex or Administrative Office in Bushnell. Sumter County residents seeking information on how to obtain and use a Child Safety Kit to improve the safety of a member of their family should call Melissa Merritt at 352-569-1623 or Lt. Bob Siemer at 352-689-4600. Any group or organization interested in the distribution of Scent Kits can call Scent Evidence K9 at 850-272-6950.