Human Scent Preservation Kit


The Sumter County Sheriff's Office has a new program to add to the arsenal of non-traditional law enforcement programs currently available for our citizens. Sheriff Farmer is proud to introduce the Human Scent Preservation Kit, which will provide the Sumter County Sheriff's Office with a powerful tool to assist us with finding lost family members and friends. This kit will hold a human scent for 7 years and DNA for 6 months. The kit comes with a jar, sterile pad, a jar label, in structions and an evidence seal.

The kit has instructions as to how to properly collect the human scent to ensure the integrity of the scent. The first step is for the individual to place the label on the jar after completing the necessary documentation information on the label, using black or blue ink. The second step is to collect the scent by opening the sterile pad and wiping the armpit area 2 or 3 times. If the person requires assistance with this step, have the assisting person wear latex gloves to avoid cross contamination. Then place the pad into the jar and screw on the lid. Next, place the evidence tape onto the lid and down the side of the jar (be careful not to place the tape over the label). It is recommended to store the jar inside the refrigerator.

The purpose of the kit is to have only one scent inside the jar for the blood hound to focus on while looking for the missing person. This is a great tool for people with diminishing mental faculties or children. Historically when a blood hound is summoned to a home to locate a missing or endangered person, the K9 handler will use a dirty shirt or a pillow case that the missing person may have been in contact with. Most of the time while using this type of scent article, it has been contaminated with other scents or odors.

The kits are available at the Sumter County Sheriff's Office in Wildwood or the Sumter County Sheriff's Annex in the Villages to the residence of Sumter County at no charge.

If you would like to participate in this program, please contact:

Villages District Office (352) 689-4600 or
SCSO Headquarters in Wildwood at (352) 569-1600.